NY beatboxer, CHESNEY SNOW (who will be featured as one of our guests on the upcoming promo CD/anniversary recording of THE ZRO HOUR), hit me up with details on his collab with BEAT KANGZ ELECTRONICS- THE BEAT THANG! Ok, so the name is a bit generic but this beat machine/sampler promises to turn the industry out. Created by The Beat Kangz (Aja, Boom Bap & Rev), The Beat Thang looks like a cross between Emu's ASR X drum sampler and a pimped out Dodge Charger. Make no mistake though, the specs promise a serious device for the creation of your next hip hop classic. In 2005 the team conceptualized and created the sounds for the Zoom SB-246 Streetboxx™, the company’s biggest selling rhythm machine to date. Taking that experience light years further, The Beat Kangz deliver an instrument of the new millennium. The Beat Thang contains over 3000 sounds and over 500 production ready hit beats, patterns and loops. Each sound can be edited, fine tuned and manipulated with onboard waveform editing and fully functioning Digital EFX (EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Filter and “FREAK”). The Beat Thang is preloaded with sounds and has onboard sampling and resampling. With USB in and out and Mic/Line input, you can add your own Samples. Create your own custom Kits with up to 8 layers per pad (each layer can have its own pitch, pan, volume, cutoff and resonance). Our Key Span Feature allows you to take one or more samples and instantly make an instrument that spans an entire 88 note keyboard. Compose songs with the 16 Track MIDI Sequencer that can sequence internal sounds or External sound modules. THE BEAT THANG is portable containing a rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you up to six hours of portable playing time. Its also fitted with two SD card slots.

From the specs alone, it sounds like a killer device. Chesney Snow provided all beatboxing samples, loops, vocal scratches, and special effects and his beatboxing is used for the traditional drum sounds of snares, kicks, etc. The Beat Kangz are premiering THE BEAT THANG at the Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California. I will bring more info and video soon. I am definitely interested to see and hear what this baby can do.


Anonymous said...

no news on this yet? did u see it? play it?

EDAYE said...

I haven't seen or played it in person yet and I am waiting for video of the machine in use. Its coming..

Anonymous said...

looks dope

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