Shepard Fairey's New Obama Poster and Free Stickers

Subculture and street art legend, Shepard Fairey aka OBEY, is the illustrator who created the most iconic image from President-Elect Batrack Obama's campaign has designed a victory poster and is distributing FREE stickers celebrating this historical event through MOVEON.ORG. MOVEON.ORG will also be offering limited edition posters (24"x36") for sale tomorrow Saturday November 8th at 12:30pm eastern time. These 5,000 limited edition prints are offset printed on French Paper Company's Cream Speckletone stock under the artist's supervision. Each print is numbered by hand, 1 through 5000. The first 1000 in the series are signed by Shepard Fairey. The prints signed by the artist will be available to those who donate $500 or more, while supplies last. The unsigned prints will be available to those who donate $80 or more, plus an additional $10 donation to cover shipping, while supplies last. Posters can be ordered HERE

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