BOOKS: KRS One's RUMINATIONS Command Top Dollar

I'm an idiot for not picking up this book in the many times that I had an opportunity. KRS One's second book (the first being "The Science Of RAP") titled "RUMINATIONS" is apparently VERY sought after. Its out of print (originally published in 2003 and commanding up to $2300 on amazon.com. "Ruminations" featured a foreword by journalist Tavist Smiley and expands KRS' discourse on life, living as an American citizen as a man of African descent, Hip Hop culture, spirituality and his overall world view. I am a great supporter of KRS' music and views on Hip Hop culture. I am always on the lookout for books that expand my library of Hip Hop history and commentary. If anyone knows wher I can find a used or new book for no more than $40 let me know..


Unknown said...

i'm looking also, and i can't find anything under $200!

EDAYE said...

I bet there is a copy buried in some middle american bookstore that nobody wants..

Anonymous said...


$40...used on Amazon

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