VIDEO: Shaun Boothe Presents A 12 Part Bio Series Beginning With PT. 1: The Unauthorized Biography Of James Brown

Unauthorized Biography Series Trailer

Rapper SHAUN BOOTHE has launched an ambitious 12 part unauthorized video bio series. Picking up where Nas left off with the Unauthorized Biography of Rakim, this is part 1 of The Bio Series which consists of 12 video bios of 12 icons in 12 months. The first video in the series, "The Unauthorized Biography Of James Brown", dropped and you can check it out below. THE ZRO HOUR will post each one over the next 12 months. We hope it inspires you to rediscover and research our musical heroes. Shaun Boothe definitely puts it down. Shaun has had a lot of success in the past with his music, especially his videos. He was awarded a singles deal from Def Jam, won a $30,000 video contest put on Universal and Yahoo.com and has won a different video contest for $25,000 from MuchMusic. Stay tuned for more from this creative talent.

The Unauthorized Biography Of James Brown

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