MUSIC TECH: KORG Nano Series Controllers

As music technology improves, the options for crafting your next hit tracks become more portable and modular. I use the Trigger Finger from M-Audio to serve as my MPC style input when I'm composing beats and I'm going to cop the Alphatrack fader/transport control surface for my mixing needs. Korg introduces three new options for the laptop/desktop musician- the Nano Series Controllers. The new Korg nanoSERIES USB powered slim-line controllers are so small you can put them on your workstation, in front of your laptop, on a recording console or anywhere else you need versatile control over your DAW, virtual instrument/effect or DJ software. The three modules are the nanoKEY - A Flexible MIDI Keyboard Controller, the nanoPAD drum input style controller (similar to the tech behind the Korg padKONTROL) and the mix surface style nanoKONTROL. Each device retails for a very affordable $60-70 dollars. Check the post from ENGADGET for an unboxing and brief review of the controllers. GEARWIRE offers a preview video from this year's Summer Namm in Nashville.

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But is it better than the trigger finger?

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