MOVIES: Chinese hip Hop Documentary FOLLOW YOUR HEART

This year we are being treated to an incredible rebirth of the love for hip hop culture. I say this because the atmosphere is ripe for creativity and a return to the tenets of hip hop. Even more remarkable is how hip hop is thriving within other cultures. Struggle is a common language and hip hop is born from it. This year's PLANET B-BOY was a remarkable documentary (REVIEWED a couple of months ago) that offered a peek inside the lives of international B-Boy crews. The crews from Japan and South Korea were heavily featured. It was great seeing how their society receives hip hop and the frustration of their families. Many common struggles and a few cultural ones but the parental concern is universal. Thanks to a heads up by TWITCHFILM, another documentary is making the rounds of the festivals.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART: CHINA'S NEW YOUTH MOVEMENT takes you inside the hip hop culture in China. All elements are represented from the looks of the trailer and clips on the website. Just more proof that Hip Hop is universal. I can't wait for this to come to to NYC..I'll keep ya posted.

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