Pictured above left to right: BeYoung, Mibbs, and Like

This week's spotlight artist is a group from the left coast that feels like the resurrection- PACIFIC DIVISION. Pacific Division, Palmdale, California’s trio consisting of brothers Like and Mibbs, along with BeYoung, have been together dating back to 2001, shortly after their high school days. Joining the workforce lacked appeal compared to the glossy dreams that the guys had vicariously lived through as Hip Hop fanatics – so they went for broke and chased destiny with microphones and exclusive sneaks. the troop from just north of Los Angeles emulated their idols, such as Native Tongues, Hieroglyphics and even Thug Life in slow-crafted, conceptual music. In mid 2006, Pacific Division’s Blend Tape premiered, as a thematic mixtape combining mid-‘90s classic-inspired covers with newer works with producer Swiff-D (The Diplomats, Snoop Dogg, Nas). Songs chronicled day-jobs, trying to appeal to the fairer sex without fat pockets, restoring a Black presence in Hip Hop, and carefully coifed wardrobes amidst the pursuit of glory. We dropped a couple of Pacific Division tracks on THE ZRO HOUR in the past and we featured the crazy video for their single "F.A.T. Boys '08". These Fashionable Artistic Trendsetters bring the vibe of native tongue along with a fresh energy that's been missing from the screwface styles present in much of radio friendly hip hop. Their music grabbed me immediately and took me back to the true school. Check em out and let them know what you think..

The Wake Up Show pt 1

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