IAMISEE at Knitting Factory for "Planet B-Boy" Premiere Afterparty

Emcee and producer IAMISEE tore down The Knitting Factory in NYC at the afterparty for the premiere of PLANET B-BOY on March 21st. We played an IAMISEE track, "Generation 1", last year on THE ZRO HOUR. His manager Sister7 contacted me about one of his songs getting placed in the film invited me to come see him perform.

IAMISEE reps Philly and his rhymes and stage show were tops. Backed by DJ DP-1, IAMISEE proceeded to rock for over an hour(!) and never lost the crowd. I heard some of the best hip hop in a long time that night and hung on every word. When I see artists live, I examine their stage techniques and confidence on the mic. I look for clear delivery and the ability to switch it up on demand. IAMISEE had all the main ingredients to rock a party.

Not to be outdone, DJ DP-1 of the TURNTABLE ANIHILISTS, showcased his incredible scratching skill throughout. He was given a solo showcase but did not wait till then to reveal the skill set. He dropped fluid scratches over every track and with the combination of IAMISEE emcee skills, we were treated to a classic two man hip hop performance. The b-boys in the house lost their mind and we were reminded what the "true school" is all about.

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