VIDEO: LIN QUE (Isis of X-CLAN) New Single GODspeed

When you speak on the nicest emcees when it comes to the female gender, LIN QUE is sometimes left out of the conversation. Unless you know your history that is. Many may remember her as ISIS, the lone female voice in one of the most influential groups in Hip Hop and the 90's era specifically- X-CLAN. Some may remember that MC LYTE assisted single, "LET IT FALL", where Lin Que destroyed the mic with a razor laced flow.

Here is the first single off of the upcoming album of the same name, GODspeed:

Lin Que's GODspeed Video

Here is another recent single BREATHE SPIT:

Here is the video of LET IT FALL:

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HeRBaN LyRiX said...

DoPe blog homie! DiGG`n the music, no question. Podcasts are definitely on point, great mixture of tuneS! As for Lin Que, I`m glaaad she`s still droppin` them rhymes, was wondering what she was up to. Anyway, keep doin` ya` thing, I`ll be back on the reg` & I`ve also added you to the SiDe~LiNKs on my blog...

STaY BLeSS`n...

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