BRAND NUBIAN at NYC's Knitting Factory

Here is a heads up- Brand Nubian performs at the Knitting Factory in NYC on November 10th with Kurious, Dante Ross and The Metermaids opening. It will be great seeing the one and only Grand Puba, Lord Jamar and Sadat X performing together again. Below is the list of upcoming Hip Hop performances throughout the end of the year-JOELL ORTIZ 3 days before Christmas?? Insane!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh man I couldn't be more dissapointed than I was with Brand Nubians performance last night! They tore it up for the first 30 minutes with all classic bangers, opening it with "Allah U Akbar" and running thru "One For All", "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down"( even using the infamous "fuck up a faggot line") and other classics from the first album. All of a sudden, they just stopped, not being able to come up with a song to do. It was apparent that they were at a loss and hadn't been on stage as the orighinaL Brand Nubian for awhile. Lord Jamar and Sadat dropped some decent freestyles to hold the crowd. But it wasn't effective. Even bringing out Greg N.I.C.E. to rock the crowd was lackluster. He procedded to act ba fool( think Fatman Scoop) and drop some classic verses, including "DWYCK" That is cool but that is a fucking GANG STARR song first of all, and Smooth B wasn't even there so why do that verse at all? Kurious Jorge, who went on before Brand Nu, single handedly stole the show, and I left earlier due to drunken/stoned fatigue, but I'm sure I missed much. They had closed off the bathroom and lower level due to some chump passing out and possibly overdosing? The cops were waiting upstairs so SOMETHING was up. Needless to say, they dissapoinbted as they came across as little more than a novelty act, barley able to hold the crowd. A shame really as Brand Nubian was one of the premier acts back in the day!

EDAYE said...

Damn that so disappointing. It was likely a no rehearsal situation which is a mistake. You have to work the chemistry right before the show. Either way, I have seen so many hip hop performances and I always go in expecting a "less than" show. Hip Hop performers need to take their cues from dancehall reggae artists. The energy onstage is almost always bananas!

Anonymous said...

Impromptu Top Billin singalong was the highlight *sigh

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