Jesse Jackson Criticized for Prior Support of Slick Rick


Callin' a spade a spade, huh?

Things are getting out of control since the condemnation of Don Imus over his racially insensitive "joke" towards the Rutgers women's basketball team. Organizations and corporations are reexamining past/current relationships between themselves and Hip Hop artists and one of the people responsible for Imus' ouster-Jesse Jackson. Check it-

Jesse Jackson Targeted At GE Shareholders Meeting Over 2002 Slick Rick Appearance
By Roman Wolfe

Politician/activist Rev. Jesse Jackson has been targeted by the National Legal and Police Center (NLPC), a watch dog group based in Falls Church, Virginia.

Peter Flaherty, president of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), is supporting a shareholder proposal, which is asking corporate giant General Electric to disclose its charitable giving.

Flaherty and the NLPC seek to know how much money has been donated to Jackson and The Rainbow/Push Coalition.

He claims that in the wake of the Imus controversy, Jackson has changed his stance on Hip-Hop music.

"Maybe it's Jackson who is changing his tune," Flaherty said in a statement. "In 2002, the National Legal and Policy Center asked Jackson to disinvite from his Wall Street conference a performer known as Slick Rick whose songs are characterized by vulgar and offensive lyrics. We even pointed to a song titled 'Treat Her Like a Prostitute.'"

Flaherty said that Slick Rick was allowed to speak and perform and Jackson refused to condemn Slick Rick during a press conference.

"GE is one of the biggest financial supporters of Jesse Jackson and his organizations," Flaherty continued. "Let's consider just what GE is subsidizing."

The NLPC, which was founded in 1991 organization that promotes ethics in public life. The group has targeted Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Sen. Maria Cantwell, Nancy Pelosi and others.

The organization has targeted Jackson's business relationships with Verizon, Wal-Mart, NASCAR and others.

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