The Honorable Louis Farrakhan Weighs in on the Use of The "N-Word"

Although I haven't commented on the Don Imus fiasco (his use of derogatory and racist language toward this year's Rutger University womens basketball team) that has been a national media event over the past 2 weeks, it does not mean that it has not been on our minds here at THE ZRO HOUR. The incident has fostered debate throughout America on the subject of free speech. With a man of Don Imus' position of influence and stature in the world of media and politics, he had to be held accountable for his unacceptable, flippant remark. I am still awaiting the arrival of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Saviour Day 2007 address on DVD. I am very anxious to hear what wisdom he has to share with the world. He rarely gets mainstream coverage and has been fighting a battle against prostate cancer for the last few years. I found this excerpt from an interview with Don Lemon on CNN (March 07, 2007) on THE FINAL CALL website. Here the minister speaks about the use of the "N-Word" amongst black people and the term of endearment "dog". Minister Farrakhan is a very well respected figure within Hip Hop and has always supported the merits of Hip Hop culture. He has always disagreed with some of the content when it pertains to violence and sexism in the music. This brief excerpt speaks volumes to those who are willing to take a look inside of themselves...

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