Chocolate candy bars with wrappers designed by some of the greatest and legendary graf artists? I'm in. I am a choco-holic and this is a must have for my collection. I don't think I will eat them unless I buy duplicates though. Produced and manufactured by Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, the wrappers feature artwork by 10 graf artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar One and Voice of the Ghetto (Stay High 149). These are due to drop in April 2007. Flavors include Milk Almond, Milk Cafetto, Caramel, Cookies-n-Cream, Smores, Dark Strawberry, Dark Toffee Crunch, Banana Milk, Dark Rum and Dark Chocolate.

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