THE ARCHIVE-50 vs. GAME …and its GETTING UGLY! 03.01.05

I am sure many of you have heard about the shooting outside of New York’s HOT 97 radio once again. First entourages of LIL KIM and FOXY BROWN a couple of years ago now one of 50’s crew gets shot in the leg after 50 finished an interview with Funkmaster Flex . In that interview he denounced GAME and said he was cut from G-UNIT. 50 Cent has been claiming lately that Game’s album was largely driven by 50’s writing and direction. He is also disappointed with Game’s position concerning industry beefs. GAME was at the studio earlier that night and was being interviewed on another station, Power 105 (also a NY station), when 50 was on the air calling him out. We don’t know if it was directly linked but more is to come. We are witnessing another ugly episode in the realm of Hip Hop. I do not anticipate hearing about another death of one of our artists. Unfortunately, the atmosphere between these two lends itself to chaos. Whether Game is involved or not, we hope that the situation will be settled without further gunplay.


Apparently, the man that was shot was not a part of 50’s crew but a resident of Compton, Los Angeles. He may possibly be a member of GAME’s camp. The shooting occurred after Game tried to enter the building where HOT 97 was broadcasting 50’s interview…more to come.

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