FASHION: FLUD Timepieces Giving DJ Love

FLUD, launched in 2007, is the brain child of Doug "Sugarcuts" Cohen, who used to run big turntablist events called Tableturns and also helped design a mixer for Rane, the TTM-54, amongst other things. His background in urban music inspired the signature FLUD piece "Tableturns" which has driven much attention to the brand. Cohen offered his ideas behind the quest of FLUD, "I'm really into watches and I realized if I wanted to match my green uptowns with a shirt, I could. A hat, I could. A watch? Not so easy. So we wanted to come out with something that was affordable, but you could get fly with and really accessorize with the rest of your outfit." Doug hooked up with good friend Naim Brown, a streetwear and sneaker aficionado, and together they conceptualized the best way the manifest the vision of FLUD. Enter Scott Nowers, a 21 year old with a brilliant business mind to help cross the t's and dot the i's, creating a perfect storm...an executive staff which cover all the bases.

Flud's designs pay tribute to the culture the company lives and breathes. Speaking about the inspiration of Tableturns and its little brother, 33 1/3, Cohen adds "When I designed these two pieces, I realized they connect me to what I did in the past."

If you long for the days when the "JVC vibrated the concrete" (shout out to LL), cop the boombox model above. The above watches retail for an affordable $80-90.


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