The 2008 DMC World DJ Finals DVD

The 2008 DMC World DJ Finals DVD includes never seen before footage of 27 national DJ champions battling in the eliminations for a place in the top 12, plus backstage interviews. Witness the top 12 DJs battle it out for the coveted title of DMC World Champion and the chance to win the gold Technics 1200s and the $10,000 cash prize courtesy of Ortofon. The story here: 1997 DMC US Champ, DJ Slyce (New Jersey) makes a surprise comeback, takes the 2008 DMC US title, travels to the World Finals and comes in 2008 World Vice-Champion! Incredible!!!! DJ Fly (France) takes the World title. DJ Co-Ma (Japan) takes 3rd followed by DJ Skully (UK), DJ Final (Norway) and DJ Shub (Canada) closes out the top 6! Very unique sets from 27 of the World's top battle DJs at 3 minutes each in the Eliminations and the top 12 for 6 minutes each, showcase style, in the Finals. A must see!

Featuring 2008 National DMC DJ Champions including: DJ Fly (France), DJ Slyce (USA), DJ Skully (UK), DJ Shub (Canada), DJ Impact (New Zealand), DJ Inquisitive (Singapore), DJ ALX (Sweden), DJ Rob Bankz (Germany), DJ Soak (Spain), DJ Perplex (Australia), DJ Brickfinga (Austria), DJ RM (Brazil), DJ Damented (Benelux), DJ Niky I (Bulgaria), DJ Cavia (China), DJ Mikey (Hong Kong), DJ Mesh (Israel), DJ CO:MA (Japan), DJ Jimmix (Mexico), DJ Final (Norway), DJ Craim (Italy), DJ Skin Khadafi (Philippines), DJ 4Tex (Switzerland), DJ 33 (Belarus), DJ RIZE1200 (Venezuela), DJ Nel-Assassin (Portugal), DJ Direct (Denmark), DJ Layzr (Malaysia) and more!

Christie Z-Pabon of TOOLS OF WAR, former DMC US Event Coordinator from 1998-2000, is now the franchise owner of DMC USA. Christie is the wife of Jorge Pabon aka Popmaster Fabel of The Rocksteady Crew. The couple founded the newsletter TOOLS OF WAR and are very active in supporting the Hip Hop community. Support the DMC DJ Championship by purchasing the DVD for $20 with free shipping here:


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