MUSIC TECH: Preview of New Features in Propellerheads' REASON 5.0 and RECORD 1.5

This week Propellerheads Software introduced several new features to their powerhouse sequencer/synth/sampler engine REASON and new digital audio workstation RECORD. REASON users have long wanted an audio recording option and Propellerheads answered with RECORD last year. RECORD is a very powerful stand alone DAW but works in tandem with REASON as well. REASON 5.0 introduces the ability to sample and edit within all of the sample players- Redrum, NN-19, NN-XT.

The flexible loop player, DR. Rex, has now been renamed DR. Octo-Rex. With DR. Octo-Rex, you can trigger up to eight samples from one unit by stacking them or playing slices in a sequenced order. RECORD 1.5 features a pitch adjuster, Neptune, that delivers effects similar to Auto-Tune and both REASON and RECORD incorporates the new "Blocks" sequencer feature. For truly original drum design, the MPC & 808 influenced Kong Drum Designer is a powerhouse drum machine giving you virtually every type of drum sound generation around- analog synth generators, physical modeling, REX loops and slices, sample playback and live sampling.

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