2010...Time To Get It In!

Yup. A LOT of 2009 sucked. From the economy to being bamboozled by our U.S. Senate and Representatives, to many of our friends and families losing homes and jobs, to President Obama's questionable first year in office..I can go on. There is still hope that the next decade will bring about positive changes in humanity as well as the U.S.A. regaining its economic standing in the world. In spite of my positive outlook, reality makes me aware of the globalization of the markets, a corrupt banking/credit system and the disparity between the rich and the working poor. Sounds like an excellent recipe for the return of music and entertainment with substance. Art usually depicts the times and some of the most substantial work derives from suffering and despair. Hip hop was created within a climate of adversity and these tough times may give way to the next movement of expression.

In 2009, THE ZRO HOUR has maintained its growth by participating in last year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and finally getting the podcast placed on iTunes. With 6000 downloads and 1300 subscribers in 5 months, THE ZRO HOUR podcast is reaching the ears of an expanded audience. Longtime listeners and supporters of the site/show were also made aware of co-host Alexie F.'s departure. Although I am keeping the details close to the vest, there was a bit of conflict behind the scenes. Alexie and I spent 5 years (off and on) behind the mic interviewing great talent and inviting listeners to our audio party. We had some great times and shared an incredible journey but I felt it was time to go our separate ways. Our friendship was fractured in the process and only time will tell if it will be repaired. With that said, I am positively looking forward to this coming year and beginning of a new decade. I have a few projects that will finally see the light this year and the beatmaking/production bug has hit me hard! Look out for a mixtape by my artist SAFARI to debut within the first quarter, special guests on upcoming episodes of THE ZRO HOUR and a site redesign. The first podcast of the new year is due this week so stay tuned..2010-Time To Get It In!!

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