Police Officer's Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Man Captured On Cell Phone Video

Before I provide the details of this report, I need to say that any evidence presented on video has to be investigated and analyzed in order to establish the truth. In some cases the truth is completely undeniable. In this case, it seems undeniable that an Oakland California BART transit police officer withdrew his firearm and proceeded to shoot a young black male in his back while that said black male was being subdued by two other officers on a station platform. In front of many witnesses. In a well lit environment and captured on numerous cell phones and other video devices. Oscar Grant (photo above) was killed by a BART police officer in the early hours of New Year's day 2009. After being suspected of being involved in a scuffle, Oscar, along with a couple of friends, was detained and being placed under arrest on a subway platform. All were either kneeling with their hands up or cuffed and sitting down. Cellphone video captured by several people waiting on a train showed Oscar at first pleading with the officer while both hands are raised. He is then pushed face down while 3 officers attempt to subdue him and possibly cuff him. Oscar is not seen thrashing around violently but he is resisting a bit. While two of the officers attempt to gain control, a third officer is seen standing up while withdrawing his revolver. Within a few seconds a shot discharges while aiming straight at Oscars back. Several witnesses started to scream "They just shot him!" as the train doors begin to close. Oscar Grant, a young father, died seven hours later.

HERE is a link to Oakland television station WKTVU with many of the raw cellphone footage from that incident. View for yourself and I am sure you will be outraged that the induction of 2009 is met with the same reckless disregard for the lives of people of color. The details are still forthcoming but initial statements from the BART chief of police state that the officer in question may have mistakenly pulled his service weapon as opposed to a taser that he MAY or may not have been carrying. Thank you to the HUFFINGTONPOST.COM for the initial link because I have not seen any news on this incident. You can read more on the investigation from KTVU news HERE. I am disgusted by the mainstream media outlets as they avoid high profile reporting of this story. For the last several days we have been inundated with features, headlines and front page news of the death of actor John Travolta's son Jett. Our condolences go out to the Travolta family but let them mourn in private. THIS is the real news. THIS should be on the front page of every newspaper in America for several days until justice served (we pray). A court of law will review this case but after watching the video, other feelings emerge. THE ZRO HOUR is an entertainment outlet but we are focused on bringing you serious news that matters too. I had to stop for a moment and share this tragedy. More details as the story develops...

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This is extremly horrible regardless of color. There is no reason to treat any one in such a manner. WHY SHOOT HIM?

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