MUSIC TECH: Journal Of Hip Hop Production- PRODUCER'S EDGE Digital Edition

With the void left by SCRATCH magazine and the minimal focus on hip hop in music production publications (an exception being REMIX magazine), PRODUCER'S EDGE satisfies that thirst for knowledge and information to create music of champions. I found Producer's Edge at a newsstand in NY by accident and devoured the incredible amount of info in just one issue. There were interviews with Easy Mo Bee and David Banner, an in depth history of EMU's SP1200 sampling drum machine, and tutorials on recording and music distribution among other rich content. I was impressed to have so much contained in one source and in an independent one at that. That was issue two and with the arrival of issue three, Producer's Edge has transformed into a completely digital and FREE online magazine. Producer’s Edge is one of the first to utilize a multi-media format as a Digital Magazine with embeddedd video, audio and live downloads. The original format had a DVD-ROM attached to the magazine full of free sounds, software instruction and demos. All of that content is now available online and if you sign up as a subscriber, you get access to additional XC (extra content) for download.

Issue No. 3 of Producer's Edge features interviews with Pete Rock, The RZA, an incredible overview of the MV 8800 and tutorials on getting your drum game tight. If you are looking for well rounded coverage of the tools and techniques within hip hop/R&B/reggae/electronic production, this is a must read. No fluff. Where SCRATCH magazine almost got it right, Producer's Edge surpasses that vison.



Anonymous said...

TRU dat! Illest mag. Glad to see they still grindin- wish they wuz f'n wit paper.


Anonymous said...

Yo! This here iz wat I'm talking bout. Those pages on the MV-8800, Necro a monster. Real talk

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