Mulatto Patriot Releases SONIC VISUALS

Chicago, Illinois' MP aka Mulatto Patriot, releases his new CD SONIC VISUALS. We premiered one of MP's tracks, Showtime (featuring Prosper Jones and Mena Man on a past show. Sonic Visuals features independent rap giants Ras Kass, Casual, Pumpkinhead, Decay, Pugslee Atomz, Eternia and more. Click HERE for a streaming preview of SONIC VISUALS and you can order the digital download from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and LALA . Physical CDs can be ordered for $15 via Paypal to mp@mptracks.com


01 Northern Lights Feat. Ka Di
02 Cadillac Vinyl Feat. Czar Absolute, Maggie Vagle (Video on youtube)
03 International Connection Feat. Eternia, de:joeso, DJ Georsch
04 Swordfish Feat. Prosper Jones
05 The Lake Affect
06 Lethal Weapon Feat. Doughboy
07 See H Eye See A Gee O Feat. Prosper Jones, Anacron, Doughboy, Trigga Gunnz, Mena, Awdazcate
08 Audio Terrorist Feat. Ras Kass, Casual, Prosper Jones
09 Dangerously Sexy
10 They Don't Know Feat. Pumpkinhead, Ka Di, Prosper Jones Mena
11 The General Feat. Pugslee Atomz, Awdazcate , DJ Georsch (Video coming soon)
12 Everybodys Crazy Feat. Czar Absolute, Prosper Jones
13 Promontory Point
14 Chicago River Feat. Prosper Jones, Decay, DJ Intel
15 Showtime Feat. Prosper Jones, Mena (video on you tube)
16 Hustlers Skit Feat. LJ
17 Luvin it
18 Windy City Testimonials Feat. Mena, JHollow
19 A min Silence for those we lost
20 Bonus Track Physical Connection


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