VIDEO: Common Raps At Trinity United Church of Christ

Although this is from the beginning of this year (New Year's Eve to be exact), is is never too late to post as it represents unity and fellowship among the church and the Hip Hop generation. Thank you to Davey D for pointing me to the original article by Jawn Murray on BLACKVOICES.COM detailing Common's relation ship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Now the name should be familiar with those following American politics. This is the same reverend that formerly led the church that presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, is a member of. Over the last few months, Obama has been criticized for having Rev. Wright as his spiritual advisor in light of Rev. Wright's past sermons. In his sermons, Rev. Wright has made comments considered to be inflammatory in nature. Obama has since distanced himself from those comments but maintains a relationship with a man he considers as a fatherly influence in his life. In the article reprinted by Davey D., Common speaks on his long tenured membership at the same church, his respect for Rev. Wright and reveals he has dropped lyrics on stage at the church. Below is a video from this year's New Year's Eve service and you see the Reverend tell Common to kick a freestyle..

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