Saving Hip Hop's First House

I found this great article and follow up to earlier posts (HERE & HERE) I did on the birthplace of Hip Hop, 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx. As reported by Tanyanika Samuels, the residents of 1520 Sedgewck are attempting to purchase the building to ensure its proper place in history as well as continuing to keep their rent affordable. Kool Herc along with Coke La Rock had a press conference with Senator Chuck Schumer calling on the "Will Smiths and Queen Latifahs" of the industry to help with securing this purchase. The tenants have raised 11 million out of the 14 million dollars needed to make the purchase. There is a website set up for this cause- www.save1520.org. Kool Herc has a point. There should be some type of help coming from some of the biggest bread winners in Hip Hop music. If we don't preserve our own history, who will? Read the article HERE


doughmaka said...

love the site! big props to the zro hour!

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Thank you for supporting THE ZRO HOUR!

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