Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Although his actual birthday was last week on 1/15/08, we celebrate his legacy today. His work to overcome segregation, promote equality and unite all people still resonates in my heart. What would Dr. King say if he were alive to see the conditions that people of color still exist in? Some great, some worse. Its as if we have taken several steps back. What would he think of Hip Hop culture and the current music that represents it? Would there be less black on black crime? More respect for our women and elders? As a people, we have to struggle through corrupt governments, biased hiring practices, under representation and class based systems. Many of these ills will always remain but the way we relate to other can change. Dr. King pressed for the rights and freedoms of all people of color- Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Arabs and poor immigrants who are taken advantage of. Many forget that Italian, Polish and Irish immigrants were heavily discriminated against upon their arrival in this country. It is sad that some people within these cultures in turn discriminate against others. Keep hope alive as Jesse Jackson says but also enact change, increase your world view and take the reigns from the unjust. We Love YOU Dr. King!

***Thank you to DAVEY D for posting MLK's I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH set to a Ghostface track. Download HERE

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