Last Wednesday March 21, 2012, THEZROHOUR celebrated its 8th year as a podcast/radio show. This broadcast was also the last. This show is a collection of some of the best interviews/freestyles that have graced the show and DJ Ambush lit the decks on fire in the second half! Founded by myself, DJ Ambush and Alexie F. back in 2004, THEZROHOUR was created to fill a need for the incredible amount of independent/underground hip hop artists that were emerging at the time. Mainstream radio almost completely ignored (and still does) the local hip hop community in almost every area of the United States. There were new waves of artists coming out abroad that fans were not familiar with, that needed to be familiar with. Over the years, THEZROHOUR has reignited that focus and dropped some amazing music & interviews along the way. Thank you to BBOXRADIO for allowing us to broadcast live for the first time in the show's history. Thanks to everyone for tuning in and supporting the show. All of the archived shows will remain available at thezrohour.com (complete archive), thezrohour.podomatic.com and itunes. There is a lot that people missed/overlooked and the music chosen for these broadcasts is timeless. We will meet again BELIEVE THAT!

Respect The Architects




Back this week with the bizness! Great music from DIVINE FORCE, REDMAN feat. RUNT DAWG, C.CRAZED feat. SOS PACHINO, SINSAY, PLANET ASIA & DOO WOP feat. KRONDON & heat from KENDRICK LAMAR. JOE BUDDEN & JOELL ORTIZ flip Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin'" and DJ Ambush salutes the King Of NY- The Notorious B.I.G. during his set. Tune in now!

Opening Reception Tomorrow! THE BOX THAT ROCKS: 30 Years of Video Music Box and the Rise of Hip Hop Music & Culture

30 Years of Video Music Box and the Rise of Hip Hop Music & Culture
Guest Curated by Dexter Wimberly
March 10 – May 28, 2012
Museum of ContemporaryAfrican Diasporan Art
80 Hanson Place Brooklyn, New York 11217
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 10 | 6pm – 9pm
Amy Andrieux * Malik Y. Cumbo * LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs * Delphine Fawundu * Bobbito Garcia * Tahir Hemphill * Jonathan Mannion * Tim Okamura * M. Tony Peralta * Fab 5 Freddy * Ali Santana * Jamel Shabazz * Daniel Amazu Wasser

THE BOX THAT ROCKS: 30 Years of Video Music Box and the Rise of Hip Hop Music & Culture is an exhibition of contemporary art that celebrates the global influence of Video Music Box, and the show’s historic contribution to urban music and culture. In 1983, Ralph McDaniels launched Video Music Box, a groundbreaking television program that ushered in the popularity and innovation of music videos. As the show’s creator and host, and the producer and/or director of over 400 music videos, Ralph McDaniels is a pioneer whose influence is still felt throughout the music industry. It is safe to say that hundreds of Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall artists owe their street credibility, record sales, and a great deal of their commercial success to Video Music Box.

More Info HERE

Exclusive interview with Ralph McDaniels HERE

VIDEO: TORAE- "For The Record"

This is the first official video from Torae's album of the same name. Produced by DJ Premier.

NYC Tonight! Soul Excursions @ Millesime Salon feat. LIVE Performance By Aliah Sheffield

Friday March 9th
Soul Excursions@Millesime Salon of the Carlton Hotel 92 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016 7pm-12am
Come vibe with great live performances, socialize with friends and network with other affluent tastemakers.
Complimentary Happy Hour 7-8pm provided by Belvedere
No Cover/Professional crowd
For more info: http://onepagerapp.com/SoulExcursions


VIDEO: ZEBRA KATZ - "Ima Read" ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx

This creepy video seems inspired by "The Shining". I'm feeling the simplicity of the lyrics and just the 808 as a backdrop. I can see the clubs reacting to this call and response style.

VIDEO: Red Bull Music Academy Lecture: DOOM

DOOM aka MF DOOM sits down for this very rare interview and discusses his origins and the mystique behind the mask.


This Saturday: Music Is My Weapon & It Takes A Village Celebration

Thanks to Hasan Salaam for the info: It's going down this Saturday March 3rd at 92Y in NYC. The Official "Music Is My Weapon" and "It Takes A Village" concert and celebration! http://www.facebook.com/events/109651609158185/ Proceeds for the evening will support the construction of a Fresh Water Well, School, & Medical Facility in Djati Guinea Bissau, West Africa. Performances by: Hasan Salaam, Red Clay, Brown Rice Family, Kalae All Day, A ...Band Called Fuse, MC Enigma & Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead DJ Oja on the wheels Hosted by: Northstar of Division X & La Bruja Special Guests: Lord Jamar, Lady Luck, Rugged N Raw & more TBA Products on sale by: Livi Designs, KupiArt & All Is One

Music Is My Weapon (available now): http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/music-is-my-weapon/id480204118


VIDEO: Red Bull Music Academy Lecture: MANNIE FRESH

Super producer Mannie Fresh needs no introduction. The former Cash Money Records hit maker is on the rise once again with new alliances with Kanye West and Mystikal. In the above video, Mannie speaks on his 25 year career as one of the Dirty South's most significant beatsmiths.


VIDEO: Red Bull Music Academy Lecture Featuring MASTERS AT WORK

Their name says it all - Masters At Work. 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez celebrate 20 years together, channeling dance music down new paths with their inventive production style and imaginative feel for different musical forms. The two native New Yorkers have amassed an overwhelming body of work including hundreds of original productions and defiantly mix everything they can find - house, hip hop, funk, disco, Latin, African and jazz - into a universal groove. XLR8R's Shawn Reynaldo sits down with them on the couch during Red Bull Music Academy's 'New York City to SF Bay' lecture series in San Francisco to discuss the start of their careers and dissolving the barriers between genres.

VIDEO: Red Bull Music Academy Lecture Featuring Bobbito Garcia & Stretch Armstrong

Red Bull Music Academy has long held this series of lectures that showcases many of the greatest contributors to music culture. The above video features an in depth interview with the hosts of arguably the greatest hip hop radio show ever- Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia. Their radio show, broadcast on 89.9 FM WKCR in New York City in the 90's, was the conduit for many of the biggest names in hip hop today. They are also a major inspiration for THEZROHOUR as well as many other hip hop radio hosts that came before them.



This week on THEZROHOUR we premiere new music from THE KID DAYTONA & DJ TED SMOOTH, FREEWAY, REDMAN, PRODIGY, DOC STRANGE, PHONTE and KRS-ONE. I also laced the show with classics from REFLECTION ETERNAL and tracks by MAC MILLER & KENDRICK LAMAR feat. SCHOOLBOY Q. Ambush took it to the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) during his set and gave a salute to some of Queens, New York's greatest emcees. Tune in every Wednesday 9-11pm for THEZROHOUR on BBOXRADIO.COM!


VIDEO: YASIIN BEY- "Ni@@as In Poorest"

Listen closely to the lyrics as Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) rips it over Jay-Z & Kanye West's hit "Ni**as in Paris".


WHITNEY We Will Always Love YOU! Funeral Services Begin At Noon Today

By now the world knows that one of our beloved musical icons, Whitney Houston, passed away one week ago just a day before the Grammy Awards. I haven't posted anything prior to today because I decided to wait until I could digest all of this. We all know of her professional achievements and personal demons that has brought us both joy and sadness. Her music lifted and inspired us. Her beauty greatly admired. When it came to the surface that she battled with alcohol and drug addiction, many identified with that struggle and supported her recovery. All of us know someone from within our familial and friendship circle that is dealing with substance abuse. The results of her autopsy have not been fully revealed as of yet. Most reports of her last days have indicated that she may have continued to spiral downward although she has been mounting a comeback over the past couple of years. Her astounding voice has been ravaged by years of freebasing cocaine, smoking marijuana and heavy drinking.

Whatever it is that she succumbed to, it doesn't make the loss any easier to accept. Far too many of our greatest entertainers are dying at a rapid pace while many are still in the prime of their lives. Anyone reading this that knows of a friend or family member who struggles with addiction, show them tough love. Call them on it. Be there for them as an ear, a shoulder; someone to point them in the direction of help if they want it. That is all we can do. It is up to the individual to truly want to release themselves from the burden of dependency. Whitney Houston's funeral service will be streamed live today online at 12pm EST and will be broadcast on some news outlets such as CNN. I will be tuning in to say goodbye.

To view her funeral service on the Associated Press livestream click HERE
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